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My name
melts in your mouth like liquid sugar.

It's less than ten days to christmas, like wtf? It's like it was summer just yesterday.
I have not bought any christmas presents yet.. probably wont until like super late.

but yet, I still need to know. Reita, what do you wish for christmas? And don't say that you don't know,
because I suck at buying presents, so you might end up with something completely useless *laugh*
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I am currently at home, my mother asked me to come and take care of her dog, (like she couldn't hire anyone else to do it >_>) Well, anyway, I'm staying until friday when she comes back from France.

Reita, you're welcome to come If you'd like. Text me, and I'll get someone come and get you. <3
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I did a photoshoot, with an old friend of mine a week ago or so, and got some of the pictures sent to me today, It was fun, need to do it again soon. 
And I need to say that, I am actually feeling really happy with my hair the way it is now.

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Saga is finally out of bed. I got a horrible fever a few days ago, but today when I woke up, I managed to sit up without a pounding headache, and I found out that my fever was gone. And I do not feel sick at all!
(Don't go cut yourself out of sorrow now Uruha.)

Gotta tell you I feel sexy, (laugh) I just got a haircut. It was well needed.

Now all I need is one Reita, and a cup of coffee.
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I have managed to get sick. I, Saga, usually never get sick. But now I am actually bedridden by fever. And its probably the thing I hate the most. Well, almost.

Now everyone shall pray that I get better soon!
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My mother is in town, Somehow I knew there would be a delay with her arrival.
But now she sure is here.

She called me at 9 am, and actually thought that I would be awake already. 

But I had to wake up, becuase she wanted to eat breakfast with me, and 'catch up'.
(which actully means 'I want to stick my nose in your business'.)

But the day had one advantage, she said, 'You look happy' and (laugh)
Reita she wants to meet you. You can say no if you so like (laugh)

And yes, my mother took the picture of me, and said, 'You and some pretty girl would make beautiful children.' (laugh) 
Her way of telling e that she wished that I wasn't gay. 

Seriously Reita, you can say no (laugh) she can be quite a handful.

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I wanna wanna wanna get get get what I want, don't stop.
Gimme, gimme, gimme whatcha got got
Cuz I can't wait wait wait any more more.

Don't even talk about the consequence
Cuz right now you're the only thing that's making any sense to me
And I don't give a damn what they say or what they think, think.
Cuz you're the only
one who's on my mind.

I'll never ever let you leave me
I'll try to stop time forever
Never wanna hear you say goodbye.

I want it more more more
Don't even think about what's right or wrong or wrong or right
Cuz in the end it's only you and me
And no one else is going to be around
To answer all the questions left behind
And you and I are meant to be

So even if the world falls down today
You still got me to hold you up up
And I would never let you down down

Current Music: the veronicas - Untouched

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I really wonder why the fuck takes pictures of my back. Because I doubt that my camera does it by itself.

Well on another note.

I'm back to the school tomorrow. 

If you wanted to know.

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 I feel so shitty for writing this. But I am so sorry, Alice, UFO and Rave.

It seems as if I will not be able to go to England this summer, and believe me, I am so sad over that, I had been so ready and happy. But I promise, as soon as you all can meet me and I have time, I will come and visit you all.

The reason that I can not come is that, my granddad died a few days ago, and I have to stay for the funeral. I have no ability to not attend it, seeing as it would hurt my mother immensly, so I hope you understand.

I love you all, I'll be home in a week. So we can talk then. I am sorry.. really.
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